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Why Choose Casio over a PC


My Nightmare


"On a busy Friday night in my Restaurant/bar the PC based POS system CRASHED with open orders from around 300 customers. Unable to get any tech support and holding these very angry guests hostage as long as I could. I had to let them leave without paying. Some did return and pay their bill, but most did not. This ended up costing thousands! This was not the first time it has happened either. Just the time when I made up my mind to find a better solution. That's when I found the Casio line of products..."

Fred C.

Mich. USA


Reasons why Casio is the best choice:
1. Able to process credit cards thru internet or phone line.
2. Has no browser to download viruses and employees can't surf the web and check emails.

3. Solid State. No hard drive to wear out or crash. It uses flash memory.
4. In case of power interruption, the Casio automatically saves all orders to onboard flash memory within 5 seconds of shut down and will reboot in a fraction of the time a PC based system will.
5. Buying or selling a business with Casio products? No problem... No transfer of software license to worry about.
6. Free updates and 24/7 support if you purchase from Cash Register Site.