How to clean the pcAmerica database

Our goal here is to make your pcAmerica CRE or RPE run faster. After time you may notice your system running slow and sluggish. Do a manual backup of your database and check the file size. If it’s getting rather large (Over 1-2GB) you might want to try this.

Warning! NEVER erase your transactions without doing a backup of the database. You will lose all reporting. On the versions that I have done this on I have not lost any internal gift card balances. However I do recommend using an external card service like StoreCard.

Once you change the Database name on the master computer you will need to do any Slave machines as well.

I recommend doing it this way because of the ease of switching back to the original database in case you need to run a report. No fumbling around looking for your backups. This is a good way of doing it say on January 1st and starting the year fresh.

Please remember to change the database name in the config file inside your auto backup folder. Hopefully you have taken 5 mins to set that up?

How to Set up CV22


After opening the CV22 Program, everything is “Grayed out” except the “File” tab. Click file and hover over “setup” then Click Lock/Unlock cust screen.

Then you will find this small screen where you need to put your password in.  *IMPORTANT* It looks like you need to Read more

Program PLU Keys and Pull downs

For PLUs:
1. Write down the PLU numbers u want to assigning;
2. PGM4;
3. Keyboard;
4. Key assign;
5. input “nnn063” ; (nnn is your PLU’s number)
6. touch your screen where u want to assign it;
7. repeat 5-6, for more PLUs assigning;

For Pull down groups:

1. PGM3;
2. Machine Features;
3. Pulldown Group;
4. select a “Pulldown group”;
after that, you can change pulldown group’s color, text, shape and assigning to your screen.

My Delete Button is Gone!

Pcamerica delete key is missing.

The #1 most common support call I get is “What happened to my Delete Button?’ It was just there and now it’s gone… I can’t delete anything.

Solution is to press F12 on your keyboard or look to the lower right of your screen where it says “F12 Item Options”
Since you have pcamerica cash register express and using a touch screen monitor you accidentally pressed that button resting your hand in the corner.


Read more

Error 1603 Fatal Error during installation

So trying to update to a newer version of PCAmerica I get this random error. It has taken me a little time to write this but I believe I was trying to update somewhere around the 12.6xx to a 12.7xx .

If I run into this error again I hope to give you an exact version that gave me the problem but the fix was to update the .NET Framework. I think I updated to 4.6.2 and that fixed the problem.

So if you get this error don’t sweat it. Easy fix.