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Can I use a Serial Bar-code Scanner with my Computer?

I already have a Serial Barcode Scanner I had attached to my old Cash Register, Can I use that on my computer Based Point of Sale system or do I have to buy a new USB one?

John B.

Call it what you may – RS232 or DB9 or Comm port or Serial Barcode scanner. The answer is YES you can use the one you have.

If your computer doesn’t have an available Serial port then you will need to purchase a compatible USB to Serial adapter cable. Most all adapters will work using the tried and true (PL2303 Windows Driver Download   USB to UART RS232 Serial) driver but be careful that the adapter is compatible with your version of Windows. Not all Windows 7 adapters will work with Windows 10.

If your point of sale computer does have a serial port, then you can plug it into that. However, you will need to install a piece of software called “SoftWedge”. This is a very reliable application (And FREE) made by Honeywell. They do ask that you register with them to access their download page but it is quick and painless.

DO NOT download from unknown sites like the “Software Informer” Contact us if you need help finding it.

If you need to purchase one make sure to get a USB version. There are some changes you should consider making in your power settings and you may want to get a 2D scanner to future proof yourself. It will come in handy for scanning QR codes from cell phone for things like gift cards or even reading drivers license DOB’s

I have also used the Softwedge to connect Scanner Scales in grocery stores. Many you will find only have the RS232 connections.