Cash Register Communication Errors

Firstly make sure you are not in the middle of a transaction… Hit Subtotal and Cash.

The most common problem you will face is the communication between your PC/CV program and your ECR. Errors like 198 or 1040.  This can be taken care of by trying one or all of the methods below.

The easiest method I have found to clear up Baud rate related issues is to go in to your PC’s “Device Manager”

In XP:

Open up “System” in the control panel, or Right click on “MY COMPUTER” and hit properties.

On the hardware tab you will find the Device Manager, click to open.

Look for “Ports” (COM1) should be the one you are using .

Right Click it and click “Uninstall”. Leave your “Null Modem Cable connected and your ECR on. Restart your computer and when it reboots it will re-install the COM1 port with the correct Baud rate.

If you don’t want to “Uninstall” the (COM) port you can change the Baud rate to match your CV22 program which by default is 19200. By clicking the Advanced tab you can also change the (COM) port number if need be.


The next method is making sure the I/O parameters are open for COM port 1 of your ECR. 

Turn key to Program Mode (PGM) then 3 <Subtotal> You will see P3 on the Screen. Press 0198 <Subtotal> then 000000000000000 then <Cash/Tend> then <Subtotal>

I use 14 to16 zero’s

Turn key to off and Flag Clear by Pressing and Holding down the Receipt Feed button and turning key to PGM, release the Receipt Feed button and when you see “FFFFFFFFFF”‘s press the <Subtotal> key.

 Turn key to REG mode.


Since most newer PC’s don’t have a Serial port and laptops rarely do at all, the big question is “Can I use a USB to Serial adapter?”

The answer is “Yes”

We have had a lot of luck with Prolific USB to Serial adapters with XP and Vista. XP usually works great with the driver that will come with your adapter. Vista drivers and available here. I am still searching for Windows 7 drivers.