How to Set up CV22


After opening the CV22 Program, everything is “Grayed out” except the “File” tab. Click file and hover over “setup” then Click Lock/Unlock cust screen.

Then you will find this small screen where you need to put your password in.  *IMPORTANT* It looks like you need to make a new password. Please ignore it.

After you have entered your password you will see that your tabs are no longer grayed out. Go to “File” “then “Setup” then click “Customers”

Next you will setup your Location and Terminal. The four areas in red must be filled in. The other areas are optional. Put anything you like in “Customer Name” & “Location” but make sure to pick the ECR type and IPL.  Do a “Flag Clear” and find out what IPL version you have. The IPL normally doesn’t have to match but it helps.

Click “Save”

Click “OK”

It will return to the setup screen where you will need to click on the second tab “ECR setup”

This is where you change port settings, I leave it as COM #1 and 19200 Baud rate.

If your ECR has programming you want to keep, check mark “Put new text on key layout” and then click “Receive”

If your “Null modem cable” is connected and you are getting an error code. Check here.

If you have communication then on to programming.


Keyboard layout

Lotsof stuf!

Tax Tables

Cashier programming

Cashier Privileges


Scanning PLU’s

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