Program a Menu Key on Casio QT6600

To program a MENU key:

Mode <PGM4><1. Keyboard><1. Key Assign><064. Menu>Press the key you want to program.

Then hit escape. escape. escape

At this point if you press the key it will just loop around through all Menus.

To program it for a certain number press:

Mode<PGM3><3. Key Feature><10. Free Function><Press the new Menu key you just made>

At this point you will notice that the number 0064 is Highlighted.
Use your arrow keys to move the Highlight to the right.  ->

You can edit the word MENU if you like.

But we want to Highlight the 000000000000000000

Change the 7th position number.

If you want it programmed to Menu 3 just press 3000000 on your keypad and press <YES>

Escape all the way out and try it.

Please note that this was done on a QT6600. QT6100 and 6000’s maybe slightly different.